Clays for Wood Firing

This is an ongoing project to test different clays that are fired unglazed in an anagama kiln, to see and hopefully begin to understand how and why they behave.

For each clay the aim is to:
• Document photo(s) of the fired clay and the firing the pics came from, together with any problems such as bloating or collapsing
• Supplier’s details and their description of the clay
• Details of the clay body composition (where available)
• Link to results of Tim’s clay analysis (where available)

Commercial Clays

Dobles Standard
Dobles with Iron Oxide
Potclays Buff School Clay
Potclays Grogged White
Potclays Original Craft Crank
Potclays Original Red
Potclays Staffordshire Stoneware
Potclays White Earthenware Handbuilding
Potclays White Special Stoneware
Scarva Buff Stoneware Clay
Scarva Earthstone ES40 Handbuilding White Clay
Scarva Earthstone ES60 Smooth Textured Crank Clay
Scarva Earthstone ES109 Speckled Stoneware Clay
Solargil St Amand GSA Stoneware Clay
Spencroft Crank Body
Valentines Audrey Blackman Porcelain
Valentines B17C
Valentines V9G

Dug Clays

Geoff Jones’ Earthenware

Unidentified Clays from March 2020 firing

Js02 Unknown Min Js11 Ollie Porcelain Min Js14 Earthstone Min
UnknownOllie's porcelainEarthstone ?