Uranium Mining in the UK

South Terras Uranium Mine - National Archives
Derelict Places report and pics on Flickr
Metals - Minerals Safeguarding DPD Evidence Report - Cornwall Council 2018
The Penzance Convention - Wheal Owles and Rosevale mines
In-situ survey of an abandoned uranium mine in South Terras (Cornwall) containing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM); 2012
Two abandoned metalliferous mines in Devon and Cornwall, UK: radon hazards and geology; 2001
South Terras Mine - Cornwall Calling
South Terras Mine - Dangerous Laboratories
Uranium Mining in Cornwall - New Scientist 1996
South Terras Mine - The most radioactive mine in Britain - YouTube
South Terras Mine (Resugga & Tolgarrick Mine; Union Mine; Uranium Mine) - Mindat.org
Carbis Bay Crew - Cavers - and video
The Pitchblende of Cornwall
Mapcarta map of location (base on OSM?)

Uranium Glazes

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General Uranium History

Pitchblende and Uranium. Details you never heard before!; Thomas P. Johnston website
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Uranium Chemistry

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