About Me

I have been a potter for ten years, starting off in evening classes and then taking things increasingly seriously as I became increasingly ensnared by clay.

Outside of my ceramics work, my career has been in science and engineering. This has given me a more technical and analytical approach to ceramics than some of my pottery colleagues.

Here I am bringing together some of my research and findings. This work should be seen as an ongoing work in progress - it will continue to be extended and expanded as an ever ongoing project. As such, some of the sections may be incomplete, in draft form, or just holding some preliminary notes.

Supporting the Work

To help support the work I am doing here, I'm giving people the opportunity to be a Supporter, for about the cost of a cup of coffee a month (US$3).

Whilst users can register for free, and then access most of the infomation, becoming a Supporter also lets you:

  • View the list of references used to create much of the content found here, including links and downloads
  • Access references to legal and regulatory information
  • Comment on pages
  • Participate in a forum where you can suggest topics for further investigation, discuss the topics, and otherwise participate in the project
  • Other benefits will be added as the site develops further

You can support me through Patreon.
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Technology Used

This site has been created using Tiki (or Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware for the full name). It describes itself as:

The Free / Libre / Open Source Web Application with the most built-in features. Use cases: Web Publishing/Collaboration/Project Management/Office Suite/Knowledge base/Shopping Cart/Social Networking/Application Framework/CRM/Membership/E-learning.
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