Table and Floor Lights Standard Requirements

I have produced a series of diagrams showing the requirements for table and floor lamps under EN 60958, going through it section by section. This gives you an easier to digest summary, but you should refer to the standards document for the full requirements.

The assumptions made are:

  • Current drawn is no more than 3A
  • Mains voltage is 230V (not 120V)
  • For Class III lamps, it will be operating at 12 or 24V DC
  • No IP rating is specified for the lamp
  • The lamp is for ordinary indoor use only, and not for rough service
  • The lamp will be sitting/mounted on a surface that is "normally flammable", as opposed to a highly flammable surface

Classification of Luminaires
External and Internal Wiring
Provision for Earthing
Protection against Electric Shock
Resistance to Dust Solid Objects and Moisture
Insulation Resistance and Electric Strength Touch Current and Protective Conductor Current
Creepage Distances and Clearances
Endurance Test and Thermal Test
Resistance to Heat Fire and Tracking
Screw Terminals
Screwless Terminals and Electrical Connections
Conformity Testing during Manufacture