I am offering technical courses for potters. With my technical background, I’ve found that I have a deeper knowledge of many of these topics than most potters, and I can distill the information into a more readily understood course.

Face to Face Courses

Line Blends for Glazes – 7 and 28 November, MessumsChilmark, near Salisbury

On the 7th we spend a full day looking at why line blends are useful and how you can use them to improve your glazes, and at the various approaches you can take to making them. Then you will make up one or more series of tests to be fired. On the morning of the 28th we convene again to look at and discuss people’s results. It is being held at Messums’ brand new workshop space at Chilmark, just west of Salisbury. For full details, and to book, click here.

Studio Health and Safety – 26 February 2022, Salisbury Arts CentreSalisbury

Online Courses

With all of these courses you get:

  • A series of live illustrated lectures, where you can ask questions and start discussions
  • Additional discussion sessions are set up for those who cannot attend the live sessions, whether due to time zones or other commitments
  • A dedicated forum for all course attendees
  • Each lecture presentation is made available as a PDF download
  • Recordings of each lecture are also made available
  • You get enhanced, subscriber level access to my Tech website, which has a lot more in depth information on the topics, references for further material and more

Access to the video recordings, forum, and subscriber level on the web site is free for up to 4 week after the end of the course. After that, it is available for just US$3 a month.

The next cycle of courses starts on 18th January 2022, and the one after that on 10th May 2022.

I found the course both informative and enjoyable. Tim has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a natural ability to present a technical subject in a way that makes it accessible to non-specialists. Recommended!
Edinburgh, UK
I am happy to recommend Tim's online webinar on Product Safety as a great way to improve the quality of your pots. He covers all the aspects of making from design to clay bodies, glaze materials and firing schedules. Coming from an engineering and design background his approach is quite different to that of the average art college. Whether or not you have a scientific background, testing and experimenting will become a natural part of your designing and making. Ideal for potters producing functional pots ranging from domestic ware to garden pots, who aim to improve their product.
St. Albans, UK
I am an amateur ceramicist with my own studio space in our garden shed. Without formal qualifications in ceramics I was a bit lost on how to deal with health and safety regulations and where to find them. This course was really useful and reassuring to me. The concise format and links to Tim's website provide an excellent source to turn to, and are based on proper official guidelines. Thank you Tim!
The course gives a good level of studio best practice, and health and safety, to those that have found ceramics later in life and haven't trained from a young age or worked as Technicians. The course covers everything that may not be found on standard pottery courses for those that want to think about setting up their own studio. Tim is clearly very knowledgeable, and happy to share that knowledge to keep potters safe!
Newcastle, UK

Electric Kilns and Firing