I am a potter based near Stockbridge, on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border in England. Most of the work I produce is based on vessel forms - bowls, plates, vases and the like. Some are thrown, and some hand built. I have developed most of the glazes I use. Pieces may be fired in an electric kiln, or wood fired in an anagama kiln (often unglazed).
I’ve found that I have a more technical and analytical approach compared to many potters, and also have an engineering/scientific background. Using these skills, I’m producing the Tech web site as a technical resource for potters.
The Tech pages offer technical information for potters. Currently this covers two aspects: Health and Safety in the Studio Product Safety for the end user with more to come in time. Information is provided free of charge, though if you find it useful I ask you to make a small contribution through PayPal or Patreon
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The shop pages show some of the pots I make, has an online shop that you can buy from (with worldwide shipping), and also gives information of shows and exhibitions that I am attending.
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