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New site, new blog

A new web site as I get more serious about ceramics, and a new blog. What sort of things will I be writing about?

I'll be talking about what I'm making, and the thinking behind it - whether the technicalities of a glaze or firing, or what has been my inspiration, or the historic background of a shape or a glaze. Other ceramics I've seen, whether at an exhibition of new work or in a museum showing historical items. Things I've read about, in print or online, whether on ceramic objects or makers or other aspects.  

Viewpoints will be diverse - the technicalities of making; thoughts on the boundaries (or barriers) between arts and crafts, and their different perceptions; what makes a successful design, and how people perceive different works; and background historical, psychological and other aspects.

Follow my posts for a while, and see if you find them interesting.