Wood Firing Resources


FB Wood-Fired Kilns & Pottery Facebook wood firing group
FB Woodfired Ceramics FB wood firing group
FB World Wide Wood Fire FB Wood firing group
www.owenrye.com Owen Rye - a selection of useful articles by this Australian wood firer
Moisture Relations and Physical Properties of Wood
Dr Stienecker's Tech Site: Wood Fired Ceramic Kiln – Adventures in High Temperature
Water and Wood Firing; Richard Bresnahan; Studio Potter28, no. 2 (June 2000): 20-22


Japanese Wood-Fired Ceramics by Marc Lancet and Masakazu Kusakabe - lots of info but horrendously over priced
Laid Back Wood Firing by Steven Harrison
Woodfired Porcelain & Stoneware by Jack Troy
Woodfired Ceramics Contemporary Practices by Robert Sanderson & Col Minogue


Out of the Fire - film about Kevin Crowe's wood firing on Vimeo