Smokeless Kilns

Kiln Design

The kiln design approach seems to be an efficient Bourry Box grate coupled with a tall chimney.


Kiln dimensions (from book?)
Kiln building in Germany
German firing results

Sarah Villeneau/Manor Oaks Sheffield - Kusakabe kiln

Another firing

Rudy Meyer - Kusakabe kiln

Building and firing the kiln

Cher Shackleton - Kusakabe kiln

Building and firing the kiln

Sheehan design built by Loren Scherback

Kiln design seems very similar to Kusakabe. Lots of info in the drawings and sketches.
Building and firing the kiln

Claycraft thread


Firing Efficiency

But also smoke is inefficient firing, and isn't required for reduction - see also the presentation by the Belgian potter at the wood firing conference in La Borne.
Smoke gets in your eyes - John Baymore