Headcount and Casualties

How many served at any time?
Total head count, length of service
Casualties - training, on the front, in combat vs take-off/landing/plane failure
Break up by rank (and by roles if possible - staff / ground crew / planes pilots / balloon crew)
Injured - how many invalided out, how many shell shock, how many physical injuries
How many deserted? There were some, see question in House of Lords in Hansard, but no idea how many
Mutinies in the RFC?
Conscripts vs volunteers?

In Aug 14 at the declaration of war (from Cooksley, The Royal Flying Corps):
147 officers
1097 ground crew & NCOs
179 aircraft

In Nov. 18 (7 months after the formation of the RAF):
300 000 officers
22000 aircraft
How accurate is this? Number of officers seems disproportionately high compared to the number of aircraft)

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