General RFC History


Vimy and the Battle of Arras: The Evolution of the Air Campaign

One Hundred Years of Air Power and Aviation
RAF Museum leaflet on data sources

Wikipedia RFC

Air Power Review on RFC (high ranking stuff, but look at plan for RFC and roles of officers and other ranks)

Air Power Review - engineering, and achieving aviation superiority

RN Fleet Air Arm Museum - WW1 - Perceptions of War - general views pro and anti the war, home front, propaganda posters, poets' perspective, interview with WW1 veteran

Spartacus Educational - Air War in WW1 - air forces, leaders, pilots, planes, technology etc

RAF Organisation - for size at end of RFC

Imperial War Museum RFC photos

Cross & Cockade - WW1 aero history

Over the Front - WW1 aero history links

The Aerodrome - WW1 flying history site and forum

WW1 Document Archive - documents & images from WW1

Faked Photos of WWI Aerial Combat That Really Had People Fooled

Photo of observation balloon on fire - click on image to bring up other WW1 pics

Wikipedia Ballon buster - shooting down observation balloons

RAF Museum Timeline of British Military Aviation - Flash based, edit URL to change year

British Library - WW1 Themes

Europeana 1914-18 collection of photos, video, text, ...

Oxford Uni WW1 poetry, images and more...

Sound of Flight WW1 simulator game

Capt W.E.Johns/Biggles in WW1

Tribute to the Fallen: The Evolution of Canadian Battlefield Burials during the First World War Jeremy P. Garrett Phd thesis

Shooting down a balloon

The technology of air power during the great war; A. Gilam

European Powers in the First World War

RAF - 100 years in the air

Pilot Education: The Beginnings; Tim Brady

Developing Deadly Skies; John Maker

A Return to Camelot?: British Identity, The Masculine Ideal, and the Romanticization of the Royal Flying Corps Image; Abby S. Whitlock

The Auxiliary Air Force –How typical were the two elite London squadrons in relation to the wider organisation?; Wilkinson, Louise

Observers and Navigators: And Other Non-Pilot Aircrew in the RFC, RNAS and RAF; Wg Cdr C.G. Jefford Also on Abebooks and Amazon

Look into Commonwealth War Graves Commission?


Shuttleworth - collection of WW1 planes, research library, photos
Army Flying Museum - Middle Wallop
Fleet Air Arm museum, Yeovil
Imperial War Museum


Barker, Ralph; The Royal Flying Corps in France: From Mons to the Somme
Bowman, Martin W.; Lost wings of WW1: Downed Airmen on the Western Front, 1914-18
Breverton, Terry; Breverton's First World War Curiosities
Coetzee, M & F; Authority, Identity and the Social History of the Great War
Hamilton-Paterson; Marked for Death
Hyde, Andrew; The First Blitz
Jones, Ira; King of Air Fighters; The biography of Major "Mick" Mannock
Lee, Arthur Gould; No Parachute
Levine, J., 2008. On a Wing and a Prayer
Lewis, Cecil Arthur; Sagittarius Rising
Mackersey, Ian; No Empty Chairs
Shores, Christopher; British and Empire Aces of World War 1
Jefford, Wg Cdr C.G.; Observers and Navigators: And Other Non-Pilot Aircrew in the RFC, RNAS and RAF


Flight Commander (1930)
The Dawn Patrol (1938?)
Aces Falling; BBC1 Timewatch
Hell's Angel
Cavalry of the Clouds


Rise of Flight