Electrical Aspects

Consideration for the connection and internal wiring of electric kilns


IET Forum - useful for wiring issues
A Handy Guide to Electrical Troubleshooting - basic electrical troubleshooting

Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breaker Standards - What's the Difference - comparing the various UK/EU standards for circuit breakers
Fuses vs MCBs - comparing the benefits of using Miniature Circuit Breakers against fuses
What is an RCBO and How Does it Work? - an RCBO is an RCD and a MCB combined into one device. When to use it, and when not to.

Electrical Failures

Kiln Tripping

Kiln tripping power to house
Why does the kiln's breaker keep tripping?
Nuisance Tripping - part of Marc's Technical Pages on power quality, worth browsing through
Kiln tripping discussion - input from professional electricians


RCD - DIY Wiki
RCD's, MCB's, RCBO's, RCCB's? - Screwfix discussion board