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Kilns, Cones, and of course Lasers - how to see cones in the kiln - explained by Madison Pottery


An Attempt to Make a Thermometer for Measuring the Higher Degree of Heat, from Red Heat to the Strongest that Vessels Made of Clay Can Support; J. Wedgewood; Phil Trans of the Royal Society of London; Vol LXXII Part 2; 1782 - Wedgewood's precursor to Buller's Rings and cones
Cristobalite Formation as a Factor in Freezing of Pyrometric Cones; Paul Laurens Smith; J of American Ceramic Society; Dec. 1939
Effects of temperature non‐uniformity and effective viscosity on pyrometric cone deformation; Peter Y. Hsieh; Int J Ceramic Eng Sci. 2019;1:216–226

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