London Potters

Thanks for attending my talk on Product Safety.

If you click on Files at the top of the page, you can download a copy of the presentation as a PDF.

As part of the talk, you have a month's free subscription to this site, which is my working notebook for all the technical stuff in my courses. By working notebook I mean that not everything is written up completely, and you'll encounter me putting in place markers with comments such as To do or Look into this more, but you'll also find a wealth of information. Also, not everything is fully indexed, but the search box on the right will find it even if I haven't added it to the menus.

Most of the product safety related material you'll find under Sections -> Product Safety in the menu, or using ((https://tim-thornton.com/tikiwiki/tiki-index.php?page=Product-Safety|this link)).

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You can find details of other courses I am running here.