The studio is in what used to be the wash house on the Garlogs estate, an old country estate listed in the Domesday Book. Whilst the building isn't that old, the original walls are flint, mud and lime; there is a hatch for the fire for the boiler on one of the walls; and alongside is a channel from the River Wallop, which flows through the next field, to supply water to both the wash house and the vegetable garden. However there is a clear plastic roof which gives excellent light, and where parts of the old walls have crumbled away they have been repaired using brick.

Equipment consists of kiln, wheel, plaster slab, worktop and storage - lots of storage for pieces as they dry; glaze containers; glaze materials; clay (stored outside in summer to keep it cool and moist, inside in winter to protect from frost); and tools from buckets to brushes. I've learnt that you can't have too much storage!

The workshop is shared with my partner Monica Wilson, who makes silver jewellery, plus a woodwork section as we both do some woodwork.